Callie teaches classes and works with private clients in Idaho and New York City. Being trained as a professional dancer, yogi, and alignment coach keeps her instructive language dynamic, intentions precise, and information-base broad.

The dance classes she teaches are infused with philosophy and critical thinking; the yoga classes with biomechanical reference; and the alignment instruction with mindfulness and stress management.

She finds the sweet spots where all her disciplines connect (in truth) and teaches from there.

My own tiredness, chronic exhaustion, body aches and Depression led me on a personal journey of mind-body restoration. I hope to teach others with the tools I’ve learned reinforced by my practice as a Restorative Exercise Specialist, certified Yoga teacher, and over fifteen years of professional training in movement and dance.



My aim for teaching is about how we come “off the mat” and live in our daily lives.

Evolution comes from application.