I dance for the sport of it. and the sweat.

I do it for the muscle.

I do it to feel like a 3 year old - a beginner, a teacher

To feel innocent and heavy - equally crazy and sane

I do it to answer questions and make them endless...

To experience grounding, as well as            

To be off balance, at risk

To put more weight on the                 side of the scale

I do it because I was built for it, an artistic mother and a logical, athletic father.

I do it because I’m a

If you are me,


Expanded Dance Philosophy

Dance for me, is out of necessity.  

When I perform is when I can 

finally  stop  pretending-

in the mundane tasks, in the chit-chatty conversations,  in the rampages of my own personal thoughts.  An open studio triggers an animal brain that overrides all societal pressures. 

I can be nothing but instinct. 

Nothing but honesty.  


On stage I am boiled down.  

Distilling under the steady fire of movement-

like sea glass kneaded in ocean tide-

like a miner searching for only glitter in the sifter,

Dancing I am concentrated into little blue kernels you could only know as:

L o v e

They would sound like wind chimes and talk directly to your stomach, cause goosebumps on the skin.

Dancing is how I give my heart its clearest visibility, and its loudest harmony. 


When I dance, 

the chaos becomes precise, 

the universe comes into cue,

and I am the most alive I can ever be.  

To keep and hold onto this sense of purpose, 

I pretend that everything is a dance . . .(all the world’s a stage)

At first come the easiest activities; smelling the steam from a fresh pot of tea; touching the veiny surface of a purple cabbage at the farmers market; remembering what it felt like the last time I hugged one of my family members or nuzzled the chest of my favorite childhood horse.

Or today, on the yoga mat, when I swore I had wings . . .   

After that, even though painfully present, the harder situations seem to be sweeter, the mundane more special, and the chit-chatty more real. 

I begin to realize that it’s,





You learn that love is like a candle, it can light the darkest of places and bring them all to Flame.   

When I dance each moment,  I bring more conviction to every thing  I do, and more compassion to every one I meet.  


Last Coda:

The movement of the world whispers:

you are alive. you are not alone.

I dance to tell you the same.

When the wind cracks open a seedpod and flutters its contents, when gray clouds drift against mountains and release their catch, when rivers gush full of spirit and unleash the music of the Earth,

each being slurping to take a drink . . .

When strangers meet eyes as they cross on 42rd st. very aware of each other for that 


moment . . .

We revolve around the sun just as the sun revolves around us; 

we are whirling dervishes, never dizzy,

You can see the smiles on our passing faces.



I am LOVE,

When I LOVE,

I am LIFE;

full full full of  L I F E

(and I think this is the whole point.)