It was the day of the supposed Hurricane Irene crash upon New York City. Some of the water fronts of Manhattan were evacuated; the subways were closed and the planned-for-destruction left the meatpacking district uniquely quiet... In the hopes of down pouring rain, I got big blustering wind instead.

*Windy Day Rough Cut is created for the sake of play and practice.


A Dance Film by: Callie Ritter

Music by: GOMEZ


Windy Day Rough Cut

Dance Film Produced by Callie Ritter

Music by Loudon Wainwright III


Happy in NYC

Video Project by: GEOFFREY STEVENS

APRIL 2014

Colwell Music Video

Released International Women’s Day,

March 8th, 2013



Duet performed with Kristin Bell

Presented as part of Dance Now @ Joe’s Pub. 2014

Choreography by Jennifer Edwards

Striving to harness the spirit and character of my great great grandmother inside her historic pioneer home in Idaho, I inevitably found myself.

*Another version, more historical and narrative, will be produced using an oral history of my great grandmother in 1970, when she was 80 years old; wherein she talks about her mother loving to dance.


A Dance Film.

Editor and Dancer: Callie Ritter

Camera Work by Mike Jones


Bury Me In Lace

Presented at Judson Church.

Duet with Molly Heller

Choreographed by Molly Heller


Dancing In The Park With A Piano

A random moment caught and produced by:

Tarek Fahmy


Washington Square Park

Filmed in Salt Lake City, 2007,  A Beauty Detail is about finding phrases of movement poetry in site-specific spaces by adding a physical body and improvised play. Ambiguous in theme, the film touches, looks and engages with the surroundings and the dancer inspired by them.