Alignment Practitioner


Restorative Exercise blends biomechanics, natural human movement, and whole body alignment. The way we move and how much we move has a tremendous effect on our all aspects of our physiology. When our tissues respond to appropriate forces found through proper alignment and natural movement, we have the highest flow of blood (nutrient) and lymph (waste) distribution, the sharpest neural/electric connection, and the most muscular force generation, flexibility and strength. Movement and the lack of it, affects more than our musculoskeletal system. You CAN age well, feel better, and keep standing tall.

We don’t have to accept disease and discomfort. Let me help you make progressive changes in your workout and how you move throughout your day. Your body listens and takes shape to what you’re doing outside the hours of your workout, and it compensates where it has to to keep functioning.

I am certified as a Personal Trainer - Restorative Exercise Specialist, through Katy Bowman’s Nutritious MovementTM Aligned and Well program.

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Whole body alignment is the only place where all your tissues are activated to their appropriate degree. A well functioning body means every piece is awake and contributing to the greater whole. 

Restorative Exercise can be energetically calm in order to facilitate muscular release and length, or it can be intellectual, sweaty, and dynamically challenging.