Alignment Practitioner


Restorative ExerciseTM blends biomechanics, natural human movement, and whole body alignment to bring back the body to the way it was engineered to be used. The way we move our bodies and how much we move our bodies has a tremendous effect on the whole network of body systems. When our skeleton is moved in its designed alignment, we have the highest blood distribution, nutrient flow, detoxification, balanced weight distribution, neural/electric connection, and muscular force generation, flexibility and strength. You CAN age well and keep standing tall.

We don’t have to accept disease and discomfort. Let me help you with small progressive changes in your workout and how you move throughout your day. Your body never stops listening and responding to what you do with it at the present moment!

Callie is certified with the Restorative Exercise Institute through Katy Bowman’s Aligned and Well, Whole Body Alignment Program.

        Katy Bowman’s BLOG:

Whole body alignment is the only place where all tissues are activated to the degree they were designed for.

Restorative Exercise can be energetically calm in order to facilitate muscular release and length, or it can be intellectual, sweaty, and dynamically challenging.