“Tat Twam Asi”

(That Thou Art)

The realization of man’s divinity within himself.

-BKS Iyengar-

Beyond being able to demonstrate Yoga asana, Callie learned how to teach it with a 300hr Yoga Pedagogy certification with the Mind Body Dancer® curriculum from the Perri Institute for The Mind and Body. The Institute is a community of Yoga teachers and students that is “founded with the shared philosophy that we have a daily opportunity to learn from and teach one another.”

(Yoga Teaching CV upon request.)

Callie teaches a diverse, biomechanical and alignment based, breath driven vinyasa class that changes in sequence and theme depending on alternating class focus. She often uses illustrations as inspiration and ways of describing movement intentions and anatomical cues.


Callie's classes are a superb mix of yoga philosophy, anatomical alignment principles, and movement and breath.

Her teaching style is engaging and unique, providing excellent, easy to understand break downs of complex poses and difficult meditation concepts.

Her ability to move around class, demonstrating from all angles, providing adjustments, and keeping the rhythm of the flow is impressive.

She's an inspiration and a joy to learn from!

– David Marwil, Google Apps Systems Administrator (& aspiring yogi)